From July 29th to 31st, 2001, a field experiment was carried out in Panama (EXPANA 2001), as part of the course "Essential Aspects of Tropical Meteorology". The 3-week course was offered in support of countries participating in the current PACS-SONET project (supported by NOAA/OGP)

EXPANA 2001 was a short field observation activity designed to allow participants in the course on tropical meteorology to experience many aspects of carrying out a meteorological field research activity. The main objectives of this 3-day activity were to provide experience in the organization and carrying out of a field observations activity, in particular in making field observations, developing experience in organizing an operations center to receive and process the data in real-time, and in writing up the results of the observing program. While not all of these objectives were completed during the 3-week course, the field activity was an unqualified success, nd this web site serves as the main source of information about this project. This site will expand, as needed, to contain more details of the entire activity. We believe that it will be especially valuable to other short course organizers who will see that it is not impossible to provide students with similar experiences. The list of difficulties encountered in carrying out EXPANA 2001 should also be useful for organizers of similar activities.

This web-based document will improve with use and revision by participants in EXPANA. If you find omissions, errors, or feel that new material should be added to this site please communicate these to Javier Murillo.

The following institutions contributed to the course:

Universidad de Panamá / Instituto de Geociencias

National Weather Service / International Activities Division

Empresa de Transmisión Eléctrica S.A.

Comité Regional de Recursos Hidráulicos /
Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (SICA)