NSSL Hot Item

NSSL partners with San Francisco’s Exploratorium to develop exhibits

A team from NSSL will spend October 25-29 at the world-renowned San Francisco Exploratorium to help create weather-related exhibits at their new location on Pier 15, opening in 2013. The Exploratorium is a unique museum dedicated to unstructured exploration and discovery of science and art.

NSSL retired researcher Dave Rust will serve as the NOAA Scientist in Residence at the Exploratorium and share his expertise as an observational scientist and creator of observation platforms. NSSL/CIMMS’s Sean Waugh and Susan Cobb will support Rust as they brainstorm with staff to develop demonstrations, experiments and exhibits on weather and severe weather. They will also spend time with “explainers” who serve as guides in the museum.

The partnership is the result of a five-year educational grant with NOAA to co-develop interactive exhibits, online learning experiences and professional development workshops for the learning institution.

The Exploratorium first opened in 1969 and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors each year.