NSSL hosts a variety of scientific events to celebrate advances in severe storm science.

The Kimpel Symposium

June 18, 2010. A review of successful meteorological programs in Oklahoma, including contributions made by Dr. Jeff Kimpel, and a look into the future of severe weather research.

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2009 NSSL Laboratory Review

February 17–19, 2009. Laboratory scientific reviews are conducted periodically to evaluate the quality, performance and importance of research conducted in OAR laboratories relative to both internal and external interests, and to help strategically position the laboratory in its planning of future science. This review covered the previous ten years of NSSL research in weather radar, severe weather forecasts and warnings and hydrometeorology.

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NSSL 40th Anniversary Celebration

October 15–16, 2004. Open house, dinner and symposium, celebrating the history and accomplishments of the National Severe Storms Laboratory

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Norman Doppler Radar Celebration

April 12, 2002. The Norman Doppler radar was celebrated on April 12, 2002 and was taken down later that month to make way for the phased array radar testbed that was later constructed on the site. The images in this slideshow represent the history of NSSL’s Doppler radar research from 1971 until 1992.

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